THERINA PENGEDAR SHAKLEE SHAH ALAM Uncategorized Percutian Shaklee yang Tidak Dapat Saya Lupakan

Percutian Shaklee yang Tidak Dapat Saya Lupakan

The Most Unforgettable Shaklee Incentive Trip

Percutian Shaklee Yang Tidak Dapat Saya Lupakan

As members of the Shaklee family, we have always cherished the company’s commitment to not only promote a healthier lifestyle but also reward its dedicated members with unforgettable experiences. Among the many incentives that we have been fortunate enough to receive, there is one that stands out above the rest – the November 2018 trip to Bangkok, Thailand.

Percutian Shaklee – KLIA – Bangkok, Thailand – KLIA

4 hari 3 malam

The excitement was palpable as we embarked on this four-day, three-night adventure to the land of smiles. The journey began with a delightful boat ride along the Chao Praya River, where we had the chance to feed the catfish, creating a memorable connection with the local wildlife.

Of course, no trip to Thailand is complete without indulging in its delectable cuisine. We were treated to a mouthwatering lunch at the famous halal Thai food restaurant, Sophia. The flavors burst on our taste buds, leaving an enduring impression of Thai culinary expertise.

Our accommodations at the Amari Watergate Hotel were nothing short of luxurious, providing us with the perfect restful haven after each exciting day. The hotel’s amenities and services were truly top-notch, adding a touch of opulence to our experience.

One of the most enchanting evenings was spent at Sampran Riverside, where we witnessed captivating cultural dances and were presented with a staggering array of over 100 Thai dishes and desserts. It was a feast for both the eyes and the palate, leaving us in awe of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and culinary diversity.

The next day, we explored the iconic Grand Palace, a stunning masterpiece of Thai architecture and history. The intricate details and majestic structures left us in awe, providing an insight into the grandeur of the country’s past.

Shopping enthusiasts amongst us were delighted to venture into the bustling Chatuchak weekend market, where we found hidden gems and local treasures to take back home. And, of course, the Pratunam Night Market added to the delight, offering a vibrant atmosphere and a plethora of shopping options, not to mention the delectable Thai street food that filled the air with tantalizing aromas.

An unexpected yet enchanting detour awaited us as we took a trip to Lop Buri to visit the mesmerizing sunflower fields. The sight of golden blooms stretching as far as the eye could see was truly a sight to behold and provided the perfect backdrop for countless pictures.

To ensure we had ample spending money and the freedom to explore more local delicacies, Shaklee graciously provided each of us with MYR 1000 for pocket money and free-and-easy lunches and dinners. This thoughtful gesture made the trip all the more enjoyable and allowed us to immerse ourselves fully in Thai culture.

Percutian Shaklee – Star Cruise Libra Port Klang – Langkawi – Phuket – Port Klang

5 hari 4 malam

While the November 2018 trip to Bangkok was indeed extraordinary, it was not the only one to have left an indelible mark on our hearts. In October 2017, we were treated to a five-day, four-night voyage on the Star Libra Cruise, which was a whole different adventure on the high seas.

The cruise set sail from Port Klang, Selangor, and from the moment we stepped aboard, we were enveloped in luxury and pampering. The all-inclusive package ensured that our culinary desires were met, leaving us spoilt for choice with six delicious meals each day.

One of the most exhilarating experiences was the onboard treasure hunt, where we navigated through clues and riddles to discover hidden treasures. It was a thrilling and bonding activity that brought us all together, fostering camaraderie among the members.

Our first port of call was the enchanting Langkawi, where we enjoyed a free-and-easy excursion for duty-free chocolate shopping, indulging in sweet treats as we explored the island’s charm. The picturesque beaches and lush greenery added to the allure of this tropical paradise.

Next, we made our way to Phuket, where we had a blast at the Banana Beach excursion. We reveled in a day of beach activities, from thrilling rides on the banana boat to snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters. Jet skiing, para-sailing, and even underwater sea-walking further added to the excitement. The sumptuous Thai food lunch provided a perfect mid-day energy boost before we indulged in some shopping at Phuket Town.

Finally, the Star Libra Cruise made its way to the beautiful island of Penang. We enjoyed an excursion to the iconic KOMTAR tower, offering breathtaking views of the cityscape. But the highlight was undoubtedly the opportunity to savor Penang’s famous desserts, such as cendol and ais tingkap, a true treat for our taste buds.

The grand finale of the cruise was the unforgettable Grand Gala dinner with the captain, a night of elegance and celebration as we looked back on the incredible journey we had undertaken together.

Both of these Percutian Shaklee incentive trips, the Bangkok adventure in November 2018 and the Star Libra Cruise in October 2017, remain etched in our hearts as some of the most unforgettable experiences we have had as part of the Shaklee family. They not only rewarded our hard work and dedication but also brought us together as a close-knit community, forging friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

As we continue our journey with Shaklee, we eagerly anticipate future incentives and adventures that will undoubtedly be filled with excitement, laughter, and camaraderie. These incentive trips are more than just rewards; they are a testament to Shaklee’s commitment to fostering a community that not only works together but also experiences life’s joys together.

In the end, it is the shared memories and experiences that make these trips truly priceless and unforgettable. We are grateful for the opportunities that Shaklee has provided us and eagerly look forward to the next chapter of adventures with this incredible company.

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